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those in need


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Work with in your community or around the world and make a difference by being an Online Social Humanitarian - Get involved in social change. Find your Personal Social Humanitarian Outlet.



Find your inner power by helping others through social change

Become an O​nline Social Humanitarian or Geoaide by offering whatever humanitarian aide or services you can to help people in need from life and health basics to other survival necessities. You know what basics and other things people need or don't have at any given time - use your imagination. will locate and connect you with people in need based on your humanitarian choices and personal aide interests.  

Geoaide plans to connect people in need of aide to Online Social Humanitarians worldwide based on their location and predetermined aide interests and humanitarian needs. People in need and Online Social Humanitarians will receive notifications on their devices when activated by their online humanitarian aide and location choices.  

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Our Mission is a Big Social Change Idea for Big Social Change Thinkers -"Online Social Humanitarians".  Founder, owner and product strategist of this Proprietary Social Humanitarian Platform and Personal Humanitarian Outlet. Geoaide will help thousands and potentially millions of people in need worldwide through location based technology. The software is common and most social sites use similar technology today. So, now you can help people in need in in your own areas of location or travel, wherever you may be geographically, whatever kind of people you interested in helping or have an affinity for because of personal  health or other predetermined reasons - the possibilities are endless

It's obvious millions of people are in need in many places so global markets already exist.  This uniquely visionary humanitarian outlet is probably before it's time so may take more understanding.  However, when visualized Geoaide makes perfect sense for our future as other social change sites have done. You spend a lot of time on social media and networking which is greatly beneficial but Geoaide will also benefit mankind to have a new kind of social change platform - "A PERSONAL SOCIAL HUMANITARIAN OUTLET".  Helping people in need wherever you are and whenever you want for your reasons and on your terms!  Even if you only spend a fraction of time on this new unique vehicle of social change that you spend on other social sites. Geoaide will make a huge difference in the lives of People In Need of life and health basics to other survival necessities you can provide anywhere anytime through online predetermined arrangements on - use your imagination.  Online Social Humanitarians aiding people in need based on their interests in their areas of location simultaneously worldwide. The numbers add up quickly on all Continents. Too many People need this unique personal humanitarian choice which is in a category too big and important to be a skeptic. Contact us.                



Our Mission


those in need

Geoaide has created a new and unique Online Social  Humanitarian Platform and Personal Social Humanitarian Outlet. Help us spread the word or get involved. has the potential to be one of the next big social change ideas like Social Media and Social Networking are today.

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